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Client: Road Scholar
Project: Catalog
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"Learning is a lifelong endeavor. Thankfully, however, the world is no lecture hall. Instead, it's more like an expansive network of laboratories, each with its own experiment in progress... So get ready for the ride of your life—learning is a trip."

Wanting to make its travel packages more enticing and relevant to baby boomers, educational tour provider Elderhostel created a second brand, Road Scholar. As part of the rebranding, 1400 Words was approached for a tagline and corporate voice that would strike just the right balance between educational enlightenment and hands-on adventure. Focus groups agreed that “Learning. It’s a Trip.” brought a refreshing, lighthearted attitude to the inherently intense experience of educational travel. We then went to work to craft friendly, thought-provoking copy to round out the company’s new identity.