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Client: NASA
Project: Kiosk
Category: Interactive Multimedia
1400 Words has been tagged once again to help NASA develop an interactive experience that will attract, engage, and educate Americans about NASA and its value in our daily lives. This is our second project for NASA—a sequel to the wildly successful Galactic Explorer Module (GEM) kiosk, which travels to public events nationwide.

Our current NASA project is still top-secret, but if the reaction to the GEM module is any indication, our second space launch will be an astronomical hit! A cutting-edge combination of NASA imagery, lifelike sound and physical effects, and hands-on interaction, GEM puts visitors in command of a “cockpit dashboard” where they can select a space mission and photograph or videotape themselves sending a message back home from that environment, while learning “a-ha!” info about NASA space programs. The GEM encounter is so engaging, it has become “viral” and a “must do” experience wherever it appears.