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Project: Trade Show
Category: Trade Shows (Displays, Video, Interactive Media, Live Performance Scripting)
How do you use the telecom industry’s largest trade show to regenerate brand recognition? The concept, “Talk of the Town,” inspired a revolutionary, award-winning booth—an enclosed 10,000-square-foot “Main Street” that captured and retained attendees and linked Ericsson cellular technology to the everyday needs of consumers.

While Ericsson enjoyed tremendous success in Europe during the telecom boom, it suffered from low brand awareness in the U.S. Working with Dallas-based Stop Look Listen, 1400 Words helped jump-start Ericsson’s presence at a large U.S. trade show using targeted messages for booth graphics, along with a remarkable combination of multimedia and live performance within a revolving, 360-degree theater. The results? Attendance beyond expectations and multiple industry awards. Exhibitor magazine called our Ericsson solution, “The most memorable theater presentation across all industries,” while Telephony magazine hailed the booth as “sensational” and “… a new standard in performance.”