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Client: US WEST
Project: Small Business Interactive Tutorial
Category: Interactive Multimedia
"What are the greatest causes of employee turnover? Tight labor markets? Corporate downsizing? Career advancement? Guess again. Research shows that more than 70% of transitioning executives were let go because they didn’t fit an organization’s culture...The following tips can help you find and retain the 'best of the best.' "

US WEST turned to 1400 Words for help in creating an interactive tutorial for prospective entrepreneurs. This in-depth, multimedia program offered tips on everything—from naming a company, setting up an office, and state-specific regulations, to writing a business plan, budgeting and accounting, hiring employees, marketing and advertising, e-commerce, growing a business—even a psychological profile to help users determine if business ownership was right for them! By all accounts, it was a rousing success, and we subsequently executed Version 2.0 with new information and the company’s new identity as Qwest Communications.