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Client: National Constitution Center
Project: Permanent Exhibit
Category: Installations (Visitor Centers, Museum Exhibits)
"Gerald Ford proclaimed, 'Our Constitution works.' Tonight he pardoned former president Richard Nixon for crimes he might have committed in the Watergate scandal. Nixon resigned one month ago to avoid impeachment. Ford’s using his constitutional power to heal the nation, but many are still upset with Nixon. Ford may be risking his future with this pardon."

How do you capture the essence and, often, the complexity of some of the most profound moments in American history in 150 words or less? Clearly, every word has to work, and work hard! That was our challenge as we helped Rand & Associates of Seattle, Washington, craft the permanent timeline exhibit at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia—the only museum devoted to the U.S. Constitution and the story of “We, the People.” We were reporters, educators, and communicators of American values. It remains one our most significant projects—both emotionally and professionally.