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Dee Anna in 44 Words

A connoisseur of kitsch. Sings in the car. Thinks gourmet cookbooks are great works of fiction. Likes scary movies. Can’t get enough of those home-improvement shows! Loves getting caught up in the details. Has dibs on "The Pun-isher" as her superhero name.

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Drawing upon her years of experience as a news editor, Dee Anna is a consummate authority on—and a humble student of—the English language. Yet she also understands that the mechanics of writing mean nothing without the spark of originality that engages the reader and evokes a response. Since joining the 1400 Words team in 2000, Dee Anna has garnered numerous awards and accolades for her compelling copy, which she expertly infuses with equal parts strategy and creativity.


Dee Anna is a proud graduate of Texas State University-San Marcos and an alumna of the Graduate Marketing Certificate Program at Southern Methodist University's Cox School of Business.

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Pizza Shoppe Radio

The client wanted a memorable radio spot announcing the return of a popular in-store pizza combo. We delivered.

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