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“Using exactly the right words, 1400 Words communicated our company’s positioning messages with both clarity and eloquence, bringing a voice to our marketing program that truly represents us—not just in fact, but also in spirit. 1400 Words has an uncanny ability to nail things on the first round—a sure sign that they are both smart and good listeners. Further, they are an absolute pleasure to work with!”

Jeanine Colini
Principal & Creative Director, Los Angeles, CA

“Working with you and your firm has always been a great experience. You are, truly, one of the top three nicest persons I’ve ever worked with. You always have a great, positive attitude; you’re flexible to partner up with; we are never hesitant to present you to any of our clients; you ask discerning questions during the research portion; you understand a lot of different industries. So even if the client is in a new industry, I find your questions to be informed and revealing. … I only wish we had more projects to call you on.”

Doreen Caldera
Saltworks, Boston, MA

"Whenever asked if I have a writer on staff, my response is no, because in Dallas alone, there are a lot of sharp, independent writers from which to choose—depending upon the nature and subject matter of a project, I can seek the scriptwriter best qualified for a particular project. That’s what I’ve done for the past several years, and that’s why I’ve asked you to script every one of those projects. The fact that you and the other folks at 1400 Words can fashion engaging, effective scripts dealing with diverse subject matter affirms the breadth of your experience and your ability to quickly study and comprehend the nature of a variety of organizations and industries … "

Bill Buchanan
Buchanan Films, Dallas, TX

"We like the variety of writing styles offered by 1400 Words. In fact, we could use all of your staff on an assortment of scripts. Our relationship with 1400 Words has enhanced our work … and we hope to generate new clients and projects with your participation. It’s a pleasure to work with each of you."

Terry McCullough
Terry McCullough Productions, Dallas, TX

"By providing both the expertise in developing a corporate personality and the objectivity to help guide the branding process in the right direction, 1400 Words has proven to be an invaluable partner—a team that delivers what it promises."

Tracy Benelli
Global Lead, Branding HP Software + Services, San Diego, CA

“Whatever you do, you must do it bloody well! U.S./Canada sales have gone up about 25 to 30 percent in the last two days since changing the website copy! Nice one!”

David Campbell
Owner, Ripsnore Anti-snoring Solution Brisbane, Australia